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755 N Ashland Ave 2nd floor

By late 1997 the Lumpens were finally convinced by landlord, Jim Lionikis, to move out of 2558 W. Armitage Ave. One by one they filtered out and found new places to live. In an effort to turn “pro” we rented some office space at the intersection of Ashland and Chicago Aves. The second floor was a a former dentist’s office. By the time we arrived the second floor was inhabited by artists and shadowy figures. And the first floor had long running businesses like Schwarz Eyecare, a florist and a rug store. We took half the second floor and the small maze of offices became the Headquarters.

We regrouped and tried to make the magazine a financially stable endeavor. After a year we pretty much failed. Edmar started Easy Listener Magazine and the majority of the original founders left for new gigs. Towards the end of our lease we started using the office to create, a dot communism era website project. Most of the former Lumpen writers and editors were hired to work on producing content for the site as it became a sort of Lumpen on Acid multimedia freakout.

While working on we moved to a first floor storefront on Division St near Damen Avenue. Lumpen’s publishing schedule dropped to one or two issues a year while Supersphere took much of our time and energy. It lasted a few years and crashed during the great dot com bubble of 2000.