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They’re Hatin’, We’re Rollin’

Vol Issue

They’re Hatin’, We’re Rollin’ was a Dungeons and Dragons inspired show of epic proportions that took place in the Co-Prosperity Sphere gallery and basement. A 24 page tabloid newsprint Rollin’ Hatin’ poster Zine designed by Cody Hudson was released at the exhibition.

Artists participating include:
Noah Butkus
Al Burian
Little Friends of Printmaking
Kevin Hooyman
Jessie Rose Vala
Steve Harrington
Justin Krietemeyer
Maya Hayuk
Rachel Olson
Dan Grzeca
Justin B WIlliams
Francois Vigneault
Jeffery Brown
Kazimir Strzepek
Jason Overby
Martin Cendreda
Ansis Purins
Sean Collins
Matt Wiegle
Nathaniel Murphy
Cody Hudson
Logan Bay