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Version #10

During Version 11 we placed programming around the city again. We launched the Printervention poster show, organised another Chicago Art Parade, released an issue of Proximity magazine, and hosted multiple art exhibitions in multiple galleries across the city.

Festival website:

Images from the Version 10 festival overview:

Images from the Chicago Art Parade:

For eleven days and nights, we will explore the best practices and boldest failures in interventionist, participatory, collective social, political, and cultural practices. This year’s theme is presented in order to bring together groups and individuals seeking additional methods for the practice of art, education and social activism well into the next decade. We want to use this opening during the current economic and political crisis to amplify our shared ideals, values and strategies.

The following are regular platforms and new projects for Version 10

* Version TLVSN
* Version Residency @ The (Con)Temporary Art Space
* A Mobile Silkscreening Cart
* Exhibition:Telefantasy Studios
* The Chicago Art Parade
* A Catalog of Strategies (Proximity)
* A Neighborhood Tour
* The Public Media Institute Research Library
* The experimental art fair: NFO XPO
* Version Group Exhibition: Territories
* Installation by Seripop
* Curatorial Project: Unearthed Americana
* Curatorial Project: Prom
* New Art Space: Northern Exposure Lumpy Truser Demons
* Printervention @ Chicago Tourism Gallery
* Printervention @ The Whistler


Jerry Boyle, Tom Burtonwood, Dayton Castelman, Emily Clayton,Theodore Darst, Paul Durica, Robert Konow, Marian Frost, Aron Gent, Ed Marszewski, Rachael Marszewski, Anja Jamrozik, Ben Noetzel, Chris Roberson, Kevin Stanton, Ken Zawacki.

Guest Curators:
(f)utility, James Quigley, Albert Stabler, and Telfantasy Studios.

Plural, Gregory Calvert, Emily Clayton, Chris Roberson, Luke Williams