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Version #06

Version is a festival focused on emerging art, technology, and social activism. Version examines local systems and external networks that use visual and conceptual art strategies, innovative social practices, creative uses of new technologies, effective organizing structures, emerging activist/artist initiatives, campaigns, public interventions and DIY projects.

We will convene in Chicago for a seventeen day open laboratory to activate our communities and amplify our ideas and practices.

During the annual convergence we engage in a dialogue about the possible futures that may interdict or provide alternatives to current social, cultural and political trajectories. Our fifth convergence, Version 06, is dedicated to the theme of Parallel Cities. The festival will investigate and share local strategies and models to inspire action within local and global counter cartographies. By bringing together a convergence of allied cultural and social forces and ideas we hope that Version can help establish new methodologies and networks of cooperation.

Version presents a diverse program of activities featuring an experimental art exposition, artistic disturbances, exhibitions, networked urban events, screenings, interactive applications, performances, street art, presentations, talks, workshops, art rendez-vous, and action. Alternative spaces will be open for staging actions. Public spaces and corporate places will be terrains of intervention.

Version>06 will be held in galleries, clubs, the IIT campus, and alternative arts spaces throughout Chicago, primarily in Bridgeport, Wicker Park and the Loop.

Festival events and project threads will feature: four large scale exhibitions featuring the Group Group Show, New Trends In Chicago Photography, the street art show Urban Gardening and Exterior Decorating; and our experimental arts fair/exposition the NFO XPO. Other programs include public art projects; film and video screenings; and cable TV programs; live music; new media installations; internet-based works and installations; conference presentations and discussions; and workshops and demonstrations.

This year we are pleased to join Art Chicago in The Park to share our festival activities. This link to a wider art weekend audience will help broaden our goals of sharing the fantastic projects we feature each festival to a wider audience.

Thanks for joining us. Lets make it happen.