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Version #05

Version is a festival that focuses on art, media, technology and politics. Our fourth annual convergence, Version>05 Invincible Desire, is an experiment in navigating emerging or sub cultures. The festival combines the visual and performing arts with activism and creative uses of new technologies. It explores strategies and aesthetics of artistic intervention and political change.

Version>05 will expose the activity of countercultures through diverse programs featuring an experimental art expo, networked urban events, video screenings, pirate broadcasts, public interventions, performances, exhibitions, workshops, discussions, parties and street action. We envision a festival through which local and international artists and workers can share interests and projects – a New Renaissance summit of radical cultural workers, a meeting place for friends and lovers.

We will convene in Chicago for a ten-day open laboratory where we will explore a diversity of methods for activating our communities, amplifying our ideas, and ultimately creating viable permacultures parallel to consumer society – and capable of superceding it. The city itself will be used as a map to stage micro-actions. Blueprints for strengthening emerging alliances and counter-institutions will be unveiled. Alternative spaces will be open for exploration and collaboration. Public space, corporate and otherwise, will be our terrain for intervention.

Version>05 Invincible Desire is a forum designed to create and strengthen connections between artists, writers, curators, vigilante gardeners, activists, surrealists, scientists, musicians, pirates, filmmakers, space hijackers, tactical media provocateurs, radical cartographers, students, designers, dreamers, architects, adventurers, critical thinkers and cultural workers of all kinds.

Please join us as we examine rhizomatic systems confronting a monoculture. Join our little utopia and share yours. Participate in a cultural reclamation. Come out and visit us in Chicago April 22 – May Day. We need you to make it happen.

To download a PDF program that can be printed click [ here].