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Select Media #09

Select Media Festival 9: presents / INFOPORN II / The Art Of Information Communication / December 9 – 12 , 2010

Documentation of festival:

Select Media Festival 9 opens December 9th and runs through December 12th at the experimental cultural center, the Co-Prosperity Sphere and spaces in Bridgeport, the community of the future.. The ninth annual festival will feature video programs, a group exhibition, performances and presentations in conjunction with live music and action.

Our group exhibition, Infoporn II, was inspired by artists and designers who use available analog and digital tools to communicate complex data from the everyday to the very obscure, We present this project as an homage to our love for data visualization… A selection of works from around the world take form in installations, a publication library, interactive projects, and infographics.

The festival is produced by the non-profit arts organization, Public Media Institute, and is organized by artists, musicians and cultural workers based in Chicago.