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Select Media #07

Select Media Festival 7


November 14- 22, 2008

Archived Festival Website:

Select Media Festival 7 opens November 14th and runs through November 22nd at the experimental cultural center, the Co-Prosperity Sphere, and other venues across the city. The seventh annual festival will feature video programs, art exhibitions, installations and presentations in conjunction with live music and action. This year as part of the festival we are unveiling a new art space, Eastern Expansion and a new monthly art happening for Chicago: The Bridgeport Art District (B.A.D.).

This year please enjoy INFOPORN. Join us as we investigate the art of information design and data visualization. We will be featuring some of the best work in the design and arts fields from an international group of scientists, artists and graphic designers.

The festival is produced by the non-profit arts organization, Public Media Institute, and is organized by artists, musicians and cultural workers based in Chicago.

Infoporn Opening Night
We open up the festival with the group exhibition, Infoporn. The exhibition explores the art of information design by artists from around the world. It is curated by Gregory Calvert and Ed Marszewski. The opening night of the festival also features performances from Chicago ex-pats, Eric Fensler and TRS-80.

Featuring the work of

Catalog Tree
Univerit√© Tangente / Bureau d’etudes
Eric Fensler
Jonathan Harris
An Atlas of Radical Geography*
Dave Bowker
Nicholas Felton
Edward Marcotte & Alex Adai

Stephanie Posavec
Logan Bay
Yunchul Kim
Aaron Koblin
Jean Livet
John Duda
Jude M.C.
Ryan Scheidt
Lumpen (The Subjective Atlas of Bridgeport DWNLD it now)
Jonathan Petersen
Alison Haigh
Benjamin June
Peter Skvara
Gregory Calvert
Logan Bay

* An Atlas of Radical Geography (featuring An Architektur | the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) | Ashley Hunt | Institute for Applied Autonomy with Site-R | Pedro Lasch | Lize Mogel | Trevor Paglen & John Emerson | Brooke Singer | Jane Tsong | Unnayan) 

Select DVD #11 the Infoporn Edition, contains works by Eric Fensler, Dungeon Magesty, Telefantasy Studios, Thunderhorse, Ola Vasiljeva, Peter Skvara, Jenni Rope, Rand Sevilla, a taste of the Dave The Lightbulb Man Show, TRS-80, and other awesome stuff. Get a complementary copy while supply