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Select Media #06

Select Media Festival 6 _ Space Colony
November 9 – November 17, 2007

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Select Media Festival 6 opens November 9th and runs through November 17th in the experimental cultural center, the Co-Prosperity Sphere, and other venues across the city. The sixth annual media arts festival features video programs, art exhibitions, installations, presentations, a talent show, and performance programs in conjunction with live music and action. The festival is produced by the non-profit arts organization, Public Media Institute, and is organized by artists, musicians and cultural workers based in Chicago.

This year we are transforming our gallery, the Co-Prosperity Sphere into a space colony called CPS1. We feel it is a step towards producing a solution to virtually all the problems rising from the limitations of our earthly environment. For some the CPS1 colony becomes an alternative space of interaction and communication for those seeking the highest achievements of humankind. For others its an art exhibition bathed in black lights. You be the judge.

Most of the shows in this year’s festival program will be taped live and edited to become cable access tv shows and other televisual media. Please dress as you would like to be seen on tv (in space) and become part of the ongoing show.

We are also partnering up with another conference taking place this weekend of Nov 8 through 10 called “YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!” A Convergence of the Movement for a Democratic Society

The Chicago group of the new Students for a Democratic Society are helping co-organise an intense program that we hope you will check out during the day and then come visit us afterwards to unwind.

Their schedule is listed under the Projects page. more info soon.

The Select Media Festival starts off with a big bang Friday November 9, then goes into orbit around the city and returns back to the CPS1 Colony the following weekend. Check out the events page for more details. Visit the projects page to get an overview of the artist projects and please wear your space gear when attending the festival.

For CO-Evolution,
SMF6 organizers