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Select Media #05

Select Media Festival 5

October 13-23, 2006

Link to festival program:

The fifth annual Select Media Festival features video programs, brand new media, anti-comedy, installations, performance programs, and public projects in conjunction with experimental and advanced music. Our goal is to share innovative projects in art and technology as well as socially charged work. The festival is produced by Public Media Institute, and organized by artists, musicians and activists from Chicago.

Select Media Festival 5 opens October 13th and runs through October 23rd in venues across the city. This year we are forming a DIY Media Academy to hone skills on a number of things we think everyone should be doing – that includes making cable access TV shows, starting alt.spaces, creating Videos and music, making personal media archives, learning a few secret histories, and figuring out how to become a little bit more environmentally conscious on a budget.
We are pleased to invite you to view our current project; a 5600 sq ft storefront we acquired to become a permanent base of operations for a group of media projects, artist initiatives, musical entities and activists. Although its far from finished we think sharing our current space might give you the opportunity to tell us what you would like to happen in a free zone of radical cultural and artistic activity. The space will be managed by the Public Media Institute, the non profit that brings you Select and Version festivals.

Most of the shows in this year’s program will be taped live and edited to become cable access tv shows. Please dress as you would like to be seen on public tv and become part of the show. Our team of technicians and video makers will be on hand to tell you how you can do this in your home.

This year we are featuring our Select_Tube video archive containing projects by participating artists in Select Media festival this year. Watch some DIY tv and video from around the planet here.


Select Media Festival is a project of Public Media Institute
Director: Ed Marszewski
Address: 960 W 31st St, Chicago Il 60608
Phone: 773.837.0145
Email: ed at lumpen dot com

Curators and Special Projects: Ringo, Ed Marszewski, Matt Malooly, Burke Bindbeutel, Salem Collo-Julin, Drew Zigler, Terry Plumming, Michael Merck, Eric Graf, Logan Bay and Nick Bahr.

Production and Stuff: Burke Bindbeutel, Zack Weil, Zack Kokomoor, Max Brotman, Jesse Short, Zack Kokomoor, Ilana Percher, Matt Malooley Edmar, Greg Stimac, Rachek Olson.

Technology: Joel Bruner (

Logo Design: Souvenir
Additional Design: Rachel Oslon

Internetologist: Elisa Harkins (

Love and thanks: Stel Valavanis, Heaven, Reversible Eye, Brian MP Shows, Pete at Empty Bottle, Rotten Milk, Salem Cody Hudson, Mike Slattery, Harper, Onshore, Myles, Harper, Liz Armstrong, Maria Marszewski, and all the great people living in Bridgeport, the community of the future.

Sponsors and Partners:
Select Media Festival is featured as part of the Department of Cultural Affairs’ Chicago Artist Month.

SMF5 is brought to you by Public Media Institute, a non-profit corporation.

Partial funding and support generously provided by The New Black and Pabst Blue Ribbon.