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Select Media #04

Select Media Festival 4 : Secret Histories and Imagined Futures

October 20- November 13, 2005 / Chicago / U$A

SMF 4 festival site archive:

From the program:

We present the annual Select Media Festival in an attempt to highlight a few of the threads that makes our city a fantastic cultural diaspora for emerging art and counter-cultural activity. In an ongoing exploration of emerging art movements and independent networks in contemporary art and media, this year we find ourselves in the Community of the Future, formally known as Bridgeport. We’re navigating underused urban geography for our festival activities, now in their fourth year, within the theme “secret histories and imagined futures.”

Chicago has become an increasingly important center for emerging counter cultures not just in the Midwest but across the country. Our alternative spaces, galleries, experimental cultural centers, artist collectives, festival initiatives, and nomadic projects develop at an incredible rate. These networks and loose affiliations host myriad approaches and developments in the varied underground music and art scenes.

Our city has a legacy of experimentation and is a breeding ground for artistic endeavors allied with similar developments worldwide. Seasoned local cultural workers, artists, and musicians have moved away throughout the years, but we choose to view that as expanding the network, sharing the Chicago Experience. Newfound spaces and movements of activity simultaneously attract new waves of talented and ingenious producers of art, music, and film and producers of what is next in our city. They bring the best of experimentation to the Culture Machine.

Join us in the heart of Chicago as we investigate the future of counter cultures and new artist initiatives.

Select Media Festival presents the New Chicagoans exhibition, The Community of the Future Experimental Culture Zone, the Secret Histories Museum as well as four weekends of performance art, film and video, audio and visual explorations and more.

The Bridgeport Arts Walk is also a participant of the Department of Cultural Affairs’ Chicago Artists’ Month. The festival is produced by Lumpen and the Public Media Institute, a 501-3c not-for-profit corporation.

Select Media festival will be streaming all live events and performances at as part of the launch of WPBR radio.

Special Programs and Projects include:

New Chicagoans
October 21 – November 13, 2005

Opening Reception Oct 21st, 2005 6pm -1am

Iron Studios
3636 Iron St 2nd floor
Gallery Hours: 1pm-5pm Sat and Sun

New Chicagoans refers to the multiplicity of
approaches by the vanguard of the Chicago art communities. This group exhibition unveils the wide range of approaches in contemporary art making in the city by emerging and established practioners.

Featuring: Michael Merck, Cody Hudson, Rob Doran, Joe Compean, Christine Tarkowski, Melina Ausikaitis, Duk Ju Kim, Jonn Salhus, Victor, Barbara Kasten, Nat Ward, Sighn, Chris Uphues, Ryan Davies, Juan Chavez, Brian Ulrich, Greg Stimac, You Are Beautiful, Elisa Harkins, Nick Black, Carl Virgo, Al Burian, Al Pocius, Andrew Wilson, Steven Eichorn, Melinda Fries, Michael Genovese, Paul Nudd, Erin Foley, and Dolan Geiman.

The Tactical Ice Cream Unit
October 24 – October 30, 2005

The Tactical Ice Cream Unit (TICU) rolls through Chicago in an act of intervention that replaces cold stares with frosty treats and nourishing knowledge. Unbelievable excitement ahead.

Secret Histories Museum
October 28 – November 13

Opening Reception Oct 28th, 2005 6pm -1 am

Iron Studios
3636 Iron St 2nd floor
Gallery Hours: 1pm-5pm Sat and Sun

The Secret Histories Museum discovers and presents historical evidence in order to seek understanding of ourselves and our world in between history and the future. The mission of the museum is to deepen the understanding of past choices; present circumstances and future possibilities; strengthen the bonds of community; and facilitate solutions to common problems.

The grand opening of the Secret Histories Museum
features exhibits and educational projects about Streeteervilee, Secret Societies, Chicago Fluxus, Folk ADD, Cointelpro, Archigo and more.