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Select Media #03

Select Media Festival 3
Insurgent Media Arts | 

October 13-22 2004 | Chicago U$A 

Festival program:

Small Utopias. Big Dystopia

Select Media Festival was created to showcase how technology, aesthetics and politics intersect. We explore the art of dissent, the people behind our creative cultures, and present work by media activists making a difference. At the same time we examine how artists and media makers contribute to the little utopias we inhabit, transverse, and create. Think of the festival as an exploration of international movements in the digital underground of electronic media, showcasing documentaries, short narratives, experimental works, animation, music videos, video installations, and short video programs. We celebrate our aural and visual cultures by adding to the mix compelling performance and music projects and exhibitions of emerging artists and creators.

We are on the brink of massive shifts in the geopolitical landscape. There is a tremendous desire by people to engage with the issues of our time. We are pleased to help distribute various forms of dissenting opinion. As a service to Chicagoans we are screening movies with alternate views on the Bush presidency and the war in Iraq. One goal of the festival is to explore the media’s effect on society and to look at how we respond to the war of information waged upon us by the Pentagon-Fox-CNN-White House propaganda room.

We are also presenting important films that dissect media power and present alternative narratives to the official media landscape. Many of the works are created utilizing cutting-edge research by seasoned professionals, and presented in a form accessible to even those with the loosest familiarity with the issues entailed. Yet other works are the products of first-time directors: artists pissed-off and eager to comment on the current state of the Union. Polished or raw, the works make clear to anyone that we have the tools to create a response-an alternative to the monoculture

The Select Media Festival is an invitation to artists, activists, and cultural workers to interact and conspire. To create new projects, enlarge communities, share commonalities, engage in emerging trends, utilize technologies in the arts, and create new strategies for confronting corporate hegemony over our cultures and our lives. We are pleased to present a sampling of work by cultural workers in our local environment of Chicago, while also exploring creative uses of technology from around the world. This year’s program includes exhibitions, presentations, a fashion show, and some unusual events and performances.

As we witness the further consolidation of information outlets, the permanence of war, and the ascendancy, worldwide, of far right wing politics, we remain committed to promoting ideas for those seeking an antidote to the E!MSNBCNNtertainment complex. At this point in history, we have an obligation to create and support our own little utopias. We must do it, or collectively the world loses.