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Select Media #02

Select Media Festival 2
November 19-26,2003

Festival Program:

The themes of Select Media Festival 2 are Future Cultures and Cultural Interference.  Select Media Festival is an exploration of international movements in the underground of digital media, showcasing emerging and advanced audiovisual currents in music and motion. The insurgent media festival features video programs, installations, performance programs, street arts and showcases experimental and advanced music. We work with curators from international festivals and counter institutions to provide alternative glimpses into current forms of media making.

Future Cultures are a sampling of the directions artists and creators are taking in the parallel worlds of the counter cultures. Work from those battling the Disinformation Society, ideas regarding multidimensional potentials of human experimental communications, and interceptions and
interference with the world orders .

Cultural Interference is an examination of works by radical cultural activists and experimental video makers critiquing various coercive forces and systems. Mixing desktop editing techniques and a good sense of humor these makers appropriate work, divert and re-edit it as a way to register their dissent. Described as tactical mediaticians, culture jammers, troublemakers, media activists and pranksters, these creators create works that are a sampling of digital video underground.

Guest Curators:
Jon Cates
Raymond Harmon
Team Fagtastic Team Fabtastic
Vannessa Gocksch
Dara Greenwald

Select Media is insurgent arts production. Select is a critical arts project that explores the emerging cultures in digital media, new music and the visual and outcast arts. We select the innovators in design, photography, painting, fashion, film, new media and new sound creation and explore their roles, impacts and meanings in various formats and presentations.

We like to like you.

Logan Bay
Insect Deli
Joe Proulx
Dakota Brown
Elisa Harkins
Michael Freimuth