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Freedom Festival #01

Freedom Festival

June 20-22 . 2003

Buddy and Heaven -1542 and 1550 n milwaukee ave. chicago il 606022

This was one of Buddy and Heaven’s finest events during the golden age of liquor park.

From the festival website:

Freedom Festivals are gatherings of artists, thinkers, activists, citizens and friends who wish to celebrate and strengthen, through performance and art, music, discussions and theater, the spirit and intent of the founding documents of this state and other free and democratic societies—freedom of expression, pursuit of happiness, freedom from persecution, and other various civil liberties. Freedom Festival is an open attempt to use our remaining rights, understand how to keep them, and reclaim the ones we have lost.

Freedom Festival is a gathering of cultural, social, and artistic communities seeking to expand our networks, challenge the dominant assumptions, strengthen our activities, and work towards defending our rights to work outside, beside, or without the occupied life.
Creative responses, satiric guerrilla theater, infowarfare, music, workshops, video screenings, performances, debates, talks, and fashion coalesce into a weekend laboratory and creative resistance camp to help kick off a Summer of Resistance and make a Response to Un-american Activities.

How to join the Freedom Festival::

suggest you register at Buddy 1542 N milwaukee ave 2nd floor friday night June 20 6pm- midnight (you can register the next day as well) . A weekend passport (containing your new anonymous name) will be presented to you for a registration fee of $ 15. (no one will be turned away if you do not have the $ and a sliding scale registration fee is in effect) This passport allows you to enter the Freedom Festival complex. Passport entitles entry to all events workshops and complementary meals during the weekend. By registering you help us know how much space and food and beverages will be required. The fee also helps offset our production costs. You may register for a passport at buddY (1542 N Milwaukee ave. 2nd floor) the week before the festival if you need to.

Passport registrants will receive a Select video samizdat dvd, a companion zine and other materials / posters/ stencils etc… We ask that registrants bring t-shirts and other clothes to be modified at the festival crafts workshops.

FESTIVAL OVERVIEW: a detailed program will be posted the week before the festival.

Friday June 20 program

6pm – midnight registration:; come sign up for workshops and check out the infoshop and art show.
8pm Opening Discussion: Freedom in the Age of Occupation
10pm rooftop video program”‘ K.A.R.A.O.K.E

A Freedom Festival Art opening will start at 7pm at heaven (1550 n Milwaukee ave 2nd floor) submit work to
saturday June 21 program
12 noon to 6pm : workshops
– Know your rights workshop: legal advice and presentations.
– Activist safety workshop :; how to be safe at demos, actions and events.
– Movement Security in the Age of Total Information Awareness
– Micromedia and the Art of Persuasion: How to make an impact with your project and other media distro tools.
– End the Occupation campaigning::
– Guerrilla arts and crafts workshops / stencils/ silkscreening / fashion / (all day)
– Build your own portable audio devices / Low power radio and converting batteryies to power any device
– Making Media – Media Groups like Human TV and Lumpen will be creating video programs about the weekend activities. To sign up to be a video crew and make a tv show/video segement contact amy cargill at
– crafts/ construction of parade costumes / noisemakers contraptions and Field Days stuff
6pm dinner / bar-b-q (complementary for passport holders)

From 8pm on we will be asking for a $7-10 donation for entry for non-passport holders. Proceeds will go towards buying technology and to help create a mobile media arts library Recreational Vehicle.
8pm performances by Creative Response and Resistance, Patriot Act strip show, Spin Laden and Fire and Ice.
11 pm Pret et Surveillier (ready to be surveilled) Freedom Fashion show. Local designers will unleash clothing to reveal and conceal. These ready to wear items will make you look good while maintaining anonymity on the streets. Participants will also take part in the Freedom festival Parade on Sunday.
Sunday June 22 Program
Noon Workshops (repeat and others TBA)
2pm Freedom Festival parade. We will exercise a remaining right and march around the blocks..
3pm Field Days in Wicker Park. After the parade around the neighborhood we will go to Wicker Park for Field Days, Badmitton and other games like the Scavenger Hunt for Weapons of Mass Destruction.
6pm: bar-b-q at buddy (complementary for passport holders)
8pm End the Occupation wrap up discussion
9pm: Video program:: Watch the videos that will have been made during the festival.